New Years Eve Party Outfit

hello loves! Only ONE more day left of 2014!!!! OMG I cant believe it like how did it happen? I feel like january was just yesterday, this year just went by so fast. I blinked my eyes and here I am; going into 2015. I feel like the older I get the faster time goes by and this makes me want to live in the now even more ! Time goes by so quickly it slips out of our hands so easily specially when we are focusing on whats next rather than what is happening now. In 2015 I want to be more present in the moment, I want to live in the present even more. One thing I learned in 2014 is that the way you live the moment literally shapes your future. I think this realization or I guess "wisdom" is really important for me because now I am living in a more conscious and aware way. In 2014 I embarked in a self discovery and spirit discovery journey kind of unintentionally but I am so happy that I did. I love to read and in 2014 I read some really inspiring and eye opening books and articles that started me on my journey but thats for a whole other post. I'm so grateful for 2014 and all that it brought me but I am so ready for 2015 I don't know about you but I'm feeling some awesome energies coming with the new year and I am just so excited and ready for it !!!!!!!

So this outfit is like the super party outfit; I would wear this if I was going to the club on NYE. The sparkly skirt and the gems on the boots go perfect together. I wore my velvet top because I feel like velvet and sequin look really good together. 


-thanks for reading :)


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