Winter outfit

Hello loves, happy November! I have to say I love all the seasons even the winter. Although it is not officially winter, it is winter cold and to be honest I love it ! I get to dress super cozy and wear many layers which is my favorite thing to do :). I also love the seasons because they make me think of life in a way. Sometimes were in the fall of our lives or the winter of our lives and we feel like the summer is too far and like the spring may never come, but spring always comes full of fruits and beautiful colors. I still find beauty in the winter though, I still find the trees beautiful even without their leaves, they're beautiful in all their naked glory. Just like the winter when we are in the winter of our lives everything may seam cold but if you look closely there is still beauty in suffering, there is always a lesson to be learned, there is always good in negative experiences and events. Since the spring always comes in life we always reap the results of the seeds we plant in the other seasons of our lives. Sometimes to understand our struggle we must see the size of the blessing coming but we never see it coming that is why we must trust our struggles because there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, the spring always comes. 

I love these boots and wear them every winter since i got them about six years ago, they're timeless! This is my third winter with this coat too and I still love it, the military details are my favorite part but I also love the olive color. This whole outfit is actually pretty old, I got the sweater in like 2011 at H&M, the pants I got at macys in 2012 and the hat I got at burlington coat factory in 2010. I like to keep things for a long time, at least the things that last. Although most of this outfit is from fast fashion stores these pieces have lasted me over two winters. When shopping at fast fashion stores it's always good to make sure you think "will this still look the same after five washes" if the answer is no you should probably pass on it. Buying items made out of cotton, wool and other natural and long lasting fibers will guarantee that you get more than what you paid for rather than less.

:::: Outfit Details ::::

Pants: Macy's
Coat: ZARA
Boots: Dolce Vita (Marshalls)
Jean shirt: Forever 21
Buddha Ring: Brielle Belle
Bag: Kate Spade

Thanks for reading :)


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