Winter Layers

Hello loves I hope you had a beautiful, blessed and happy thanksgiving ! I know Im a little late; I wanted to write a post closer to thanksgiving but I've been incredibly busy working on my final projects that I haven't had time to blog, I know sad! Anyhow everyday is the perfect day to be grateful for all the wonderful things life has to offer  so I want to use this post to let you guys know about some of the things I am most grateful for and my thoughts on thanksgiving and gratefulness BUT FIRST lets talk about this outfit.

One of the many reasons why I love the winter is LAYERS !!! YASSS layers make me so happy haha.  I love wearing layers because you can never look bad in layers (okay you can) but for the posts sake you cant. I guarantee if you use my magic layers potion you will always look fab. You can never fail layering a button up, a moto jacket and a faux fur vest. My favorite piece to layer with are jean button ups, I wear them almost everyday under most of my outfits, its like my foundation piece for my winter outfits. Don't want to put those gorgeous strappy sandals away for the winter? Well do like me and wear them with socks; instant booties ;)

 Being grateful is one of the most fundamental values my parents taught me and it is not until now that I am an adult that I understand how important it is. Being grateful is something we should practice daily; it should be a daily ritual. I have always been a grateful person and that has a huge part to do with the way my parents raised me always reminding me of how blessed I am and where I came from. Im really grateful for everything in my life; my health, my family, my career, my home, food on my table, all my material and non material things everything from the most complex of feelings to the simplest things I am grateful for them. I'm so grateful for every single one of you that read my blog and follow my life journey I feel so incredibly blessed that there are people who actually care about what I think, every view I get means the world to me and I'm endlessly grateful for all of you who take time out of your busy lives to read my blog, thank you !

:::::  Outfit Details :::::

Button up: Macys
Fur Vest: Vera Wang
Moto Jacket/Pants: Calico

thanks for reading :)


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