Journey to Vegetarianism

Hello loves ! I'm sharing my journey to vegetarianism story per request. I don't know where or when it started, I guess it's been a journey of life, as a child being a vegetarian wasn't a choice because I'm Colombian and it's in my culture to eat animals. So as a child I was forced to eat meat and then as a teenager I had more of a choice but I still ate it. I remember when I was 4 years old (still living in Colombia), my grandma had a chicken and we were best friends, then one day I get to my grandmas to find out we were having chicken soup, yes they made me eat my best friend :(. I guess it was experiences like this one and also witnessing at 4 years old again, my family chase around a pig and then stick a knife in its heart, that made me not want to ever eat pork. The pig chase thing is a another cultural thing Colombians do.  My family aren't savages but they do love meat, when I decided to not eat pork they couldn't understand why and when I stopped eating beef they called me crazy. When I said I decided to become a vegetarian they really couldnt understand, they said I was gonna starve haha but despite that I did it. Thankfully now they're a little more understanding. 

 I cant really remember the last time I ate pork but it was a really long time ago, definitely over six years since I've ate pork and I will never eat it again. So I can say my journey truly began when I chose to not eat pork anymore, then beef followed which I let go about four years ago. The reason why I thought I could never be a vegetarian was because I love chicken (yes I still do but I won't eat it), I was always like "I cant be a vegetarian, I eat chicken almost everyday, what am I going to eat instead?" well I have found out there is a lot of other things to eat other than chicken ! It was one faithful day, I was actually eating a chicken dinner while watching Vegucated, that I decided to let chicken go. Although I had watched how chickens are farmed before, this movie just made me not want to eat any meat anymore none not even chicken, so in that moment I decided to just let it go, and it felt amazing !

I feel liberated, I feel like a different person after I became a vegetarian. I used to have this attachment of some sort to food, but the way I view food now is completely different. I need food to live but I don't need to hurt animals to feed myself because there is a wide variety of plants, grains, and beans that I can eat. I'm not a vegan I still eat eggs and cheese, because I love them too much, but I hope for one day to get to that point. I take baby steps but I think I'm on the right track,  I cut every kind of meat out of my diet except for fish /seafood which I have from time to time.

If your considering vegetarianism I suggest to start slow, cut out your least favorite meats and pace yourself, when you're ready to let go of the next kind of meat you will know and you will do it. While trying to let things go eat less and less of it and try to cook more vegetables and less meat. I also say find your favorite vegetables and eat those veggies. Eating veggies doesnt have to feel like a chore if you're eating veggies you like.

My personal favorites are baby spinach, Onions, mushrooms, garlic, tomatoes, avocados, green/red/yellow/orange peppers, celery, cucumbers, and carrots.

The above picture is my go to quick salad lunch it has
 one avocado, 
one tomato, 
quarter onion, 
one garlic clove, 
two boiled eggs, 
three table spoons feta cheese,
about two cups baby spinach
Juice of one lime 
salt and pepper to taste 

this salad is so tasty and really healthy

I hope you enjoyed my post, and if you have any questions please feel free to message me on my like page  or email me: 

Thanks for reading :)


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