Windowpane Skirt

Hello my loves, happy Tuesday !!! Remember how I was shooting at Calico a couple weekends ago? (you would know if you follow me on instagram) well this is the first set of photos and outfit from that shoot ! I love Calico and everything in their store so I paired up with them, photographers Tabitha and CJ from The Invisible Girl Studios and Angela from Instant Milk to bring you guys a lookbook. This lookbook will be a little different because I'm going to do it in a series of posts and there is also a video coming from the shoot! Angela is not in these photos but she will be in the rest of the posts which will feature eight outfits in total :) so stay tuned for more ! 

:::: Outfit Details ::::
Windowpane Skirt: Buy Here
Bralette: Buy Here
Moto Jacket: Mink Pink (Buy Here)
Shoes: ZARA

Thanks for Reading :) 

-Nathalia JMag


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