Easy Halloween Costume ideas

Poison Ivy costume make up Halloween 2012

Hey loves ! Happy Halloween :). If you're anything like me, you're a procrastinator. I always wait till last minute for things sadly even for halloween costumes. Usually I improvise my halloween costumes unless I'm like obsessed with something and want to be it so I make the costume like months in advance and just wear it around my house until halloween comes around and I can showcase my master piece. Sadly this year I didn't make a master piece costume (tears) but who knows Ill probably get started making next years soon, I have so many costumes in my mind that I must bring to life. 

Anyway this post consists of costume ideas you can recreate from things you already own or that will cost you very little to make. 

Cat Woman Costume 

If you love leather as much as I do then this costume will be a piece of cake ! Wear all leather (pants or skirt) cat eye make up and red lip stick and you're ready to go!

Ballerina costume

If you love tutus then this shall be easy to recreate; put your hair in a tight bun, wear flats, your favorite tutu and a white tank top or leotard.

Cowgirl Costume 

Easy everyone owns a flannel and boots; if you don't have a cow girl hat just put your hair in two pig tails and you can be a hill billy instead. 

Skeleton Costume

Here is an easy to follow tutorial.

Raver Girl Costume 

I guess this will only be easy to re create if you're actually a raver girl. 

Joker Costume 

The joker make up is fun and easy because its not meant to look perfect but rather messy. Heres a tutorial that combines two of my costume ideas, this one and Harley. You can also just do it by looking at a photo of the joker, paint your whole face white, black around your eyes and red around your lips. 

Goth Costume

This is my favorite go to last minute costume because it is so easy ! Just wear all black, some creepy accessories, A LOT of eyeliner and black lipstick. If you don't have black lipstick just use eyeliner. 

Khloe Kardashian Kostume 

Okay so this is so inspired by Khole Kardashian infamous Huf Socks look. Make sure to tie your flannel around your waist.

Harley Costume 

This costume is all about the make up, here is an awesome tutorial for the make up, you don't have to do the collar part even though its really cool. I choose this tutorial because the face part is relatively easy (don't let the brushes scare you off you can use your fingers, q tips etc. you can also use paint from the halloween store). I also thought this comic book character tutorial  by the same youtuber was really cool and doable with regular make up if you don't have time to pick up a make up kit at the halloween store. For your outfit just wear black and red. 

Basic Bitch Costume

Okay so before you get offended, I just want to say I called this the basic bitch costume because 99.9% of girls in Massachusetts own the above items and love starbucks (including myself). So for this costume get your uggs, north face, high waisted shorts and tank top throw it on and don't forget to stop by starbucks on the way to the party so everyone clearly gets your costume once you arrive. 


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