The 90's Called with Saba

Hello loves ! I'm back in school now and I'm busier than ever. This summer was amazing because I was able to work on my blog and I had no stress but I am so glad classes started. I love my classes this semester and I'm eager to learn. I love school and learning so much, I believe that learning is one of the most amazing creations. There is so much out there that I dont know yet but that I can learn ! I'm a senior in college now but I am just getting started I definitely want to pursue a graduate career but one thing at a time :).

I saw Saba (if you have been reading my blog you know her from previous posts, if not she is my beautiful friend and I love her style and featuring her) a couple days ago and I loved her outfit as always, since our outfits were so nineties and definitely matched we had an impromptu photoshoot by the train tracks near my school !!

::::: Saba's Outfit Details :::::

High waisted pants: Love Culture
Croptop: Forever 21
Flannel : Forever 21

::::: My outfit Details :::::

Shorts: By me
Crop top: Pacsun
Flannel: Forever 21

Thanks for reading :)


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