New Haircut and Lookbook Video

Photo by Justina Guirguis

Hello loves ! I hope everyone had a wonderful labor day weekend :). I know I did, I spent a lot of time relaxing because this is my last "free" weekend before I began my senior year of college Wednesday. I'm really excited for school because I am taking awesome classes in which I'm going to be learning so much, but I am also a little nervous because I don't know how much free time I will have to invest on my blog which makes me a little sad because I love blogging and doing things for my blog, but that doesn't mean I will stop blogging because I never will I'm just not going to blog as often. :(

SO I cut my hair because I kinda had to, the bleach to get my hair pink really damaged my hair and a lot of it fell off so I had to do something and the only thing I could do was cut my hair and I am SOOO glad I did. I absolutely love my new haircut, it's chic, sexy and so easy to style! So although the reason I cut it kinda sucks I'm so glad it all happened the way it did because otherwise I would of never had the balls to cut my hair into a pixie cut. Some people look better with pixie cuts and I think I am one of them so I plan on keeping it for a while.

Sorry if my video isn't the best, I have never made videos until now so please excuse my video quality if it isn't anything less than amazing. I under estimated how long it was going to take me to make this lookbook video that is why I am uploading it so late. I hope to get better so I am going to keep making videos in order to improve.

Thanks for reading/ watching :)


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