Interview with Sophia Laura

Photography by Justina Guirguis

Interview with Sophia Laura 

What's your name?
Sophia Laura DeAraujo 

Do you have a stage name? 

Sophia Laura

When did you realize that you wanted to make music?

 I have always had a passion for music/ singing since I was 8 years old. I started singing in church, but realized I wanted to pursue it as a career recently.. in 2013. I realized I wanted to make music and write it right when I started receiving more support from people and I actually started thinking I can make it .

Do you write music too?

 Yes. So far, I only have one verse written by someone else (my verse in 100 Pages - Sophia Laura ft. Ricky Gramz) Ricky wrote that verse. I always write when I feel inspired, but I get help from people very often. W(rapper) helps me, my friends Camila and Karoline also help me.

Is your music style and your personal style synced in or is it separate? Do you have a stage persona?
I wouldn't say I have a stage persona, YET. It has yet to come - there is a certain difference between when I am performing and in person. I am a totally different person on stage - I am cocky and super confident and a lot of shit just doesn't matter to me when I am up there. I guess my "fuck bitches" attitude comes from being an artist. Music has really help me develop as a stronger person and I would say my artist "ego" comes from that. 

What inspires your music?

I write about haters, my ex, people who have done me wrong, people who truly love me etc... I just need to make sure it's always authentic.

Where do you find your inspiration?

 I am inspired by my everyday lifestyle. I want to be successfull like the people I see on TV, I wanna convey a message and love what I do so I don't have to ever miss the money or anything else. I also love seeing the "Law of Attraction" videos. Big Sean hit it on the nail, "I have it. It's just not here yet". Certain things in life were already ordered to be in your life, you just haven't received it yet

what is the impression you want to give with your music?
 I want people to know I wear my heart on my sleeves. I speak and sing on how I feel. Usually if I am saying "fuck you" i mean that, or if I say "I am happy" I also mean that. On my recent song " All Night Long", that was a perfect example - I told my ex how much he hurt me and how wrong he did me. I also talked about the aftermath of what he did 

What is the over all image you are trying to portray with your music and personal style?

 I want to be a powerful limitless brazilian female. I want to show women that we can be exotic/ sexy without being sluts or using sex and lust as our only value. I want to empower women to do it on their own, follow dreams, have supportive men behind them and BE LOVED. If there is one thing music has taught me, it's that if you don't love yourself nobody else will either. I wanna teach people that we don't need drama and bickering/ gossiping to feel better about ourselves.
How do you find inspiration with fashion and with music?
 I think what you wear in shows and videos/ shoots are the direct way to perceive how you're feeling or how bold you want to come off. 

Who is your favorite designer or brand?
 I would have to say I love Betsy Johnson and Calvin Klein. However, I do thrift shop alot. I will get anything I think is cute anywhere as long as it akes me look good - but for shoes, I love Jessica Simpsons, Toms and converse. I wouldn't shop for used shoes unless I know the person.

Where do you shop the most?

 Savers, Forever 21, Macy's Lord and Taylor, New York and Company, Express, Buckle

Who is your biggest fashion inspiration?


What piece in your closet could you not live without?

 My Buffalo jeans

What would you say your fashion philosophy is? (what fashion means to you)

 Fashio to me is how one chooses to express themselves. It's showcasing your personality and mood.

Describe your style with two words

 Classy/ Relaxed

What is your number one fashion advice?

 I always tell people to stay true to themselves. There is no point in always looking perfect and well dressed if it's not how you perceive yourself, because that means the outfit isn't empowering you. Staying tru to yourself is a 360 degree thing. Fashion is one of the biggest ways to express yourself - so express yourself correctly and accurately.

What do you think is the most important thing in ones appearance for example; shoes, hair, clothes, handbag, attitude, etc.

 I would say hair and shoes. If your whole outfit is on point, but your hair looks like you just got out of bed, it makes the whole outfit look dressed down. My eyes always go straight to shoes, if someone has an over the top outfit with crappy shoes, I consider the whole thing a flop.

Dream job?
 Being a famous singer 

Dream vacation?
Tahiti and Fiji with the love of my life (haven't found him yet)

Where is your ideal place to live if you could only choose one place to live for the rest of your life?

Framingham, MA. However, I do want to venture out of here for a little bit, but no matter what I want to come back to own my house and have kids here.

If money wasn’t a problem what would you do for a job?

 Singing for sure.

What could you not live without?

 My friends and family. If I had nothing material at all, the right people would make it okay anyways.

Favorite song right now?
 Mine - Drake ft. Beyonce

Favorite artist?
 Drake, Eminem, Montana of 300, Nas, Pusha T, Ace Hood I have way too many to name

 Favorite quote?
 "I am the master of my Fate, I am the captain of my soul" - William Ernest Henley

If you could change one thing in the world, what would you change?

 I would make everyone feel empathy - step in people's shoes

There is a quote that says “every person is here for reason, everyone has a purpose”; what would you say is your purpose?

 My purpose is to spread knowledge and love without having to use religion to accomplish it.

What is your hobby/hobbies?
Singing, Youtube, Taking pictures, Hanging out with friends, and enjoying my political liberties.

Favorite book?
The fallen Series (4 books) by Lauren Kate 

Favorite food?
Caesar Salad - Not creamy caesar dressing, i like vinnaigratte caesar:)

Favorite animal?
 Frogs and my Doggie, Gatona

Favorite color?

If you could go back and give your 13 year old self a piece of advice what would it be?

 Boys don't matter, you do.

Thanks for reading :)


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