Tights Under Shorts

Hello loves !! So lately I've been wearing tights under shorts like this! I have a pretty big butt and high waisted shorts almost always show it, which is the unclassiest thing ever, no matter how many people are doing it butt cleavage is UNCLASSY. Therefore I am always looking for ways to hide my butt because I LOVE ME some high waisted shorts. My latest innovation was cutting my tights into shorts because it is way too hot for tights in Massachusetts right now! This outfit was super sporty, casual and fun !! 

::: Outfit Details ::::

Shorts: UO
Sports Bra: Under Armour

the white soccer shorts I stole from my dad because like how is he going to fit in these? They're part of the James Rodriguez Real Madrid uniform, if you guys didnt know I'm Colombian and James Rodriguez is our golden boy winning the golden boot for the 2014 World Cup and was signed with Real Madrid a few weeks ago with an initial contract of 80 million euros !!! 

Thanks for reading :)


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