Supermarket Editorial

Photography by Justina Guirguis

Hello loves, happy weekend :)!!  This was literally the funnest shoot I have done thus far, I hope you guys enjoyed it. It was hilarious because everyone was looking at us like we were crazy but hey people usually always look at me like I'm crazy hello pink hair so I guess I'm used to that haha. When Mayra from The House of Findings showed me these gorgeous dropped waist dresses I knew they would be perfect for my supermarket editorial photoshoot idea. Originally we were supposed to take the photos outside using the cart but by the time we got to shoot these outfits the sun had gone away so we decided to do it inside the supermarket and take as many photos as we could until we got kicked out, but guess what !? we didnt get kicked out :) so we got some awesome shots ! Couldnt pick my favorites thats why I posted so many pictures :). 

Photography by Justina Guirguis
Make up by Justin Cornelius
both dresses are from The House of Findings 
both shoes are Jeffrey Campbell Shoes

Thanks so much for reading :) 


-Nathalia Jmag


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