Summer to Autumn transition Outfit

Photography by Francesbeanphotography

Hello loves ! sorry I havent posted that much this past week, I've been trying to take advantage of the last few warm days in Massachusetts. But I am also very excited about the fall because I LOVE THE FALL !!! omg everything about it speciallyyyy crunchy leaves, I love walking on them and also all the beautiful colors the trees turn so exciting! 

 I've been doing a lot of nature outings lately because I absolutely love nature. I love being in nature because I find it very healing and soothing to spend time at the beach or in the woods just being present and there with the beautifulness that nature is. Since I love nature it is no surprise I love having shoots in the woods :)

For this outfit I wore summer styles but in Autumn colors,  neutrals and maroons as well as other earth tones are great transition colors. 

:::: Outfit Details ::::

Shorts/shawl: Marshalls
Shoes: Similar here
Hat: Similar here
Bustier: similar here

Thanks for reading :) 


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