Dangellama Interview

I met Marissa in Fashion school and always thought she had awesome style since I had already featured on here I decided I should interview her :) 

On Marissa, Jacket: IDG (Italy) Necklace: J.Crew. Blouse: Forever 21. Tulle Skirt: BCBGeneration. Bracelets: J.Crew. Ankle Socks: Jockey. Shoes: Forever 21. Bag: Rachel Zoe. 

Name: Marissa Raye D'Angelo
Location: South Shore, MA
Age: 21 Years

Bio: Graduating fashion student, current stylist and blogger (www.dangellama.com), future llama owner

Fashion/style Questions

What makes you “different”?

Confidence. I promise I'm not being corny! I'm not afraid of being made fun of for what I wear. I'm also not shy to show off my best assets. Being semi-new to blogging has opened me up to this world that allows strangers to have an inside glance into my day-to-day life, through a fashion lense, and judge me every step of the way. Without confidence, finding success in all this would be impossible. I believe in every look I put on daily and hopefully inspire others to do the same.

Describe your style.

FORMAL WEAR: When dressing to impress- I tend to dress feminine with figure flattering bodices and a-line, girly skirts. 

CASUAL WEAR: When dressing casual, for me, its all about a flowy silk chiffon piece. Over-sized tunics, and blouses have become a favorite staple item of mine during these humid months.  (Example shown below)

Outfit Details: Tunic: H&M, Shoes: Dolce Vita, Necklaces: (2 for $10) at Charlotte Russe, Tote: Kate Spade, Aviators: BCBGeneration (Similar at BCBGMaxAzria)

COLORS: Black has always seemed to be my go-to color when buying evening or business-wear but recently I've dabbled in shades of blush, taupe and white. I very rarely wear prints or bold colors. 

TREND TESTER: I love to be the first of my friends to try out that ridiculous new trend that everyone hates. I believe that with the right amount of confidence you can rock any garment. The best feeling is mastering a new trend, making it your own, and having others emulate the way YOU wore it.

Who is your favorite designer or brand?

BCBG Max Azria and BCBGeneration rule my closet- because I work there. (See BCBGeneration Selfie Shrine Below)
J-Crew and Madewell inspire my day looks. For all my odds and ends, I hit up Urban Outfitters and H&M. 

Inline image 1

Who is your biggest fashion inspiration?

Ugh. There are too many. But one woman stands out above the rest for me! She is a successful fashion blogger named Julie Sarinara.(http://sincerelyjules.com/) I'm obsessed with her effortless swagger. She ALMOST makes me want to incorporate prints into my life.


What piece in your closet could you not live without?

Jefffrey Campbell: Everly Cutout Ankle Boot, enough said. Next Question.

Inline image 2

What would you say your fashion philosophy is? (what fashion means to you)

I think it is important to be comfortable and confident in your own skin and then dress to accentuate your overall aura.

Describe your style with two words

Feminine Ease

What is your number one fashion advice?

Only wear what makes you feel like a better version of yourself. Developing your personal style will add to your self-confidence!

Inline image 3

What do you think is the most important thing in ones appearance for example; shoes, hair, clothes, handbag, attitude, etc.

Just rock what you wear. Put effort into your outfit- but after that, walk out the door looking like you just threw it on, NBD.

Life questions

Dream job?

Creating my own brand/store that is terrifyingly successful.

If money wasn’t a problem what would you do for a job?

Hmmm. Being the creative director for high fashion, fashion shows would be unreal. I'd have the models ride out on llamas, Hardwell, off to the side, blasting EDM, and press galore- recording everything. Maybe putting on a music festival/ fashion show.... I think I'm onto something!

What could you not live without?

My Phone... Fine, I said it.

Favorite song right now?

Sunrise by Slaptop

Favorite artist?

Amy Winehouse, The Kooks, Lana Del Rey, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Steve Aoki, Justin Timberlake

If you could change one thing in the world, what would you change?

This actually struck my mind recently. I would change how FM radio stations functioned. I'd feature MUCH MORE unknown artists and would play Katy Perry- Dark Horse five times less than it plays now. 

There is a quote that says “every person is here for reason, everyone has a purpose”; what would you say is your purpose?

I don't believe I will truly know until I leave this world I am in now. Until then, my purpose is to live out my dreams to the best of my ability and inspire others to do the same.

What is your hobby?

I enjoy downloading music, watching HGTV, singing pretend American Idol auditions while I drive, color coordinating my closet, spending money, eating organic and enjoying the company of my significant others.
Favorite food?

Cheese. Sharp Cheddar. Brie. American. Queso Dip. You name it, I love it.

Favorite animal?

LLAMA !@#$%^&* (I like cats too)

Favorite color?

Shades of light lime green.

If you could go back and give your 13 year old self a piece of advice what would it be?

Dear Marissa D'Angelo (Freshman Year of Highschool),
This is your future self speaking! I am begging you to please not dye your hair. If you have the oddest sensation to dye it blonde...just don't. It will be orange and your friends will lie to you and say it looks good. It won't look good and it will also kill your hair. Also, you don't look good with black hair. Or a 'trendy' mullet. 'Scene' isn't your style and you know it. Morally, be friends with everyone and stay friends with everyone. Get a job earlier and save more money....... so I have more when I'm older =P!!! Also, stop telling yourself you want to be a chiropractor. 

to learn more about the lovely Marissa visit her blog at www.dangellama.com

thanks for reading :)


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