Vans Warped Tour 2014

Hello loves !!! I always wanted to go to Vans Warped Tour and I was so pumped that i finally got to go this year :). It was a fun but very exhausting experience !! While there I decided to snap some pictures of concert goers I thought looked awesome, I was bummed that my phone died pretty early on because I missed a couple girls with awesome outfits, but here are some of the photos I did get to take :)

Doc Martens are the shit !!!

I dont know what I love more, her outfit or her hair. 

her outfit was so cute !! 

Loved her kimono so I took a creeper picture of her but then I decided to just ask her for a picture

her outfit was my favorite outfit, so I'm glad I got a good picture of it :)

Creeper picture because the back of her dress was super cute

Here is me and Justina

My vans got so dirty !dlsjls;dj

:::: Outfit Details ::::
Croptop/high waisted shorts/jean shirt: Urban Outfitters
Hat/Vans: Vans Store
Choker: By me
Bucket bag: Tribe Wear

thanks for reading :)

PS I took all these photos with my Samsung Galaxy S5


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