Healthy Food Choices

In a world full of processed unhealthy foods and foods that resemble real food but are in reality just an imitation of food is hard to be healthy. Everywhere you turn there is something unhealthy like soda, chips, candy bars, food from basically any fast food restaurant even restaurant in general are unhealthy and highly processed. We live in a world of abundance of food but not the kinda food that is good for your body. Many studies have linked cancer and many other diseases to processed foods. Sometimes it leaves you thinking that there is no longer anything healthy to eat, but that is wrong.

Even in a world full of unhealthy food one can eat healthy. The easiest way to eat healthy is to cook and eat at home. Ever since I moved out with my hubby into our new place where I can actually cook, I have become a million times healthier and I feel so much better. It's been about five months that I have been regularly cooking and I feel better, lighter, happier. Beauty comes from within, no matter how many face creams you use, if you're not eating healthy then your skin will look dull. I know because I used to eat out 4 nights a week before I moved into my new place. At my old place we didn't have a kitchen, I had to cook in my moms kitchen if I ever wanted to cook. I tried to make healthy choices when eating out but the healthiest I have ever eaten has been since I started to cook most of my meals myself.

To stay healthy at home I dont buy chips, candy bars or anything that might be processed when I grocery shop. Most of what I buy consists of fruits and vegetables such as strawberries, bananas, avocados, mushrooms, kale, spinach, basil, garlic, green/red/orange/yellow peppers, onions, tomatoes,  rice, pasta, oranges, melons, mangoes, lemons, orange juice, eggs, chicken, fish and cheese. I try to buy everything organic. I shop at Trader Joes which I find to have organic food at lower prices.

Sometimes I do eat out and cheat but I try not to because then I feel super guilty. Also after watching Vegucated and Hungry For Change on Netflix I dont wanna eat processed foods at all and want to go Vegan. I have started my journey to Vegetarianism a year ago when I decided to cut out pork and beef out of my diet. I Have decided to cut out chicken and go from there. I want to eventually go vegan but I love fish, eggs and cheese and right now I cant give them up. One thing at a time.

For the new Health section of my blog I'm going to start posting some of my favorite recipes, so stay tuned :) !

Thanks for reading :)


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