Rihanna at CFDA Awards

Rihanna looked stunning and controversial at the Council of Fashion Designers of America Awards. She was awarded with fashion icon of the year award and it was well deserved, since she was a huge fashion influence in 2013. I believe she will continue to be a driving influence in the fashion industry, her fearless approach to fashion is what I love the most. 

I was checking out some of the comments that people are posting about it on the internet and I think its funny. Like in case people didn't know Rihanna has been showing us her nipples for years ! I think she chose that specific gown for this specific award show because she was receiving her fashion icon award and the past couple years many designers have been sending their models into the runway baring their nipples in sheer fabrics. So by doing this she is making a huge fashion statement that only the super ballsy will make. 

btw in case you were wondering she IS wearing underwear.

thanks for reading :)


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