Pin Ups For fundraising Calendar

Hello loves ! So I wanted to share with ya'll a project that I'm taking part of with Brianna Dalton from Beautiful Dreams Photography.
What is Pins ups for pups ?
Basically it is a fundraising project for a local dog shelter called Baypath humane society in Hopkinton MA. It is a 2015 calendar featuring pin up girls and their dogs and I'm one of the pin ups and of course my beautiful baby Leah :).
Leah was really cooperative and the shoot was a success ! I do think Leah is a great doggy model but also she's my child so maybe that's why I do haha but she always posses for me(when she feels like it) and looks at the camera and smiles and eveything.
I'm really excited for the calendar to come out. It's going to be amazing because Brianna is a very talented photographer and also its just amazing in general because in the end we will be helping animals ! I love animals and this was a fun way to help.
If you want to donate and buy a calendar they're going for $15. Contact me or Brianna in regards to pre ordering the calendar. We are accepting pre orders right now.


  1. awww such a beautiful dog, just like her mommy ^.^ I'll share your post on FB!


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