Monique Rene New York

Designer Monique Rene is a New York City based up and coming designer. She is a dear friend of mine and I wanted to blog about her line that just debuted! I'm extremely excited for her and I wanted to show you guys a little glimpse into her innovative timeless handbag the Astoria.

Her aesthetic is unique, sophisticated, mysterious and timeless.

The beautiful Astoria handbag was inspired by the first location in which Monique Rene lived in NYC which is Astoria.

The handbag is unique because it can be updated season to season by just switching its flap. The flap is removable and it comes in different colors and textures. The handbag is timeless for this reason; it can be updated from season to season. The unique shape is not only different but innovative, because subtly it represents the brands logo but not in a pompous way.

buy her handbag here

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