Journey to Positive thinking

Before I tell you guys about where I am as a person now I want to share with you guys how I USED to be. As a teenager I developed a lot of self destructive behaviors which I'm not going to go to deep into. I wasnt a deeply troubled teenager but I did have my issues. I battled with depression and eating disorders and some unhealthy relationships as well ( its really embarrassing to admit these things but I was young and REALLY DUMB and Im sharing this for the sake of my over all message with this post). 

I was out of control basically for a while; I hurt people and myself knowingly. I was lost, but I guess thats part of
teenage hood being lost and then finding yourself through failing and getting up and trying again. I was very self centered and egocentric but I'm glad and very thankful those days are OVER !!! 

Anyhow I have come a long way as an adult ! I Thank God I am where I am today and I am very happy with myself. I would say I began to shift a little and change when I started college; I took a few classes that encouraged and helped me open my mind. They were social problems, sociology 101, anthropology, and the latest one was History amongst others. 

Social problems is a class that literally teaches you about social problems. We talked about the internet, television, news, and reviews some sociological theories. I learned that as a society we have a lot of problems, and this isn't just America, there are thousands of societies in the world and each one has their problems. 

Anthropology is the study of different cultures. I learned in this class that everyone is different because everyone has different experiences and upbringings. I also learned that there is no such thing as the "right" religion or the "right" culture, every culture and religion has their similarities and differences. I loved this class because it made me realize that the world is so vast and so far beyond what we think we know. I  come from Colombia, my husband is brazilian and I have traveled to both places and have been to different places in the US. I'm still not nearly as cultured as I'd like to be but traveling to different places and submerging myself in my culture and in my husbands culture when I visited these countries helped me realize that there is so much more to the world than we can ever imagine. Anyhow Anthropology teaches that the best way for one to understand a culture is to experience it, by doing what the people in the culture do and trying to stay open minded. I learned a lot in this class and it helped open my mind incredibly. Sociology was very similar to social problems and Anthropology. 

History was basically a rundown of "history" since the 12th century. Now I have learned that history is highly distorted BUT i did learn that people have been killing each other over religion since the beginning of time. Learning this or I guess realizing this because I knew that already, made me not believe in religion anymore. Please dont get me wrong though I believe in God with all my heart, mind, body and soul but it is organized religion that I dont agree with anymore, I dont hate it I just made the decision to praise God from where ever I happen to be and not go to church. Were all one and it's things like religion that divide us.
So these classes were kind of like the bridge to where I am now, I still have a lot of growing to do both mentally and spiritually but I have come a long way after making all of these realizations from taking these classes and from having conversations with my husband, family and friends etc. 

So first thing was I decided to let go of thinking I knew everything and realizing I knew NOTHING. It is a little sad when you realize something you might have believed in your whole life like "the church wouldnt harm anyone" isnt necessarily true. It's like jumping into cold water; it is scary at first but then you get used to it. 

Somewhere along the time I took these classes and made these realizations I watched a youtube documentary called "The Secret" it is about the law of attraction. Now this right here was what made me realize that this whole time I was suffering from depression and eating disorders, destructive relationships/friendships etc was all because I called it upon myself I and nobody else caused MYSELF all the trouble and drama I went through in high school. How did I cause it myself to myself? well it is simple... karma and intentions. 

Everyone has a different definition of karma but how I define it is what you do you get, what you do unto others, others will do unto you. If you are kind, then kindness you shall receive back now if you are bitter than that is exactly what you will get from the world. You reap what you sow. If your planting hate you cant expect to get love. 

The same goes with intentions even if you are not physically harming someone, if you are doing something with the intent of harming another being (even thinking about it) you are calling all of that negativity all onto yourself and you just end up harming yourself. 

Once I realized this, that is when I decided I needed to change the way I thought and the way I behaved towards others. That was easier said than done, and till this day I am still working on changing my thoughts. However now I will never do anything to anyone that I wouldnt want them to do to me. I try to be nice, helpful, kind, honest, loving, joyous, appreciative, friendly, happy, because that is what I want in return from others. Ever since I started to change my mind, my life has truly changed. That quote "change your thoughts, change your life" is the truth. 
I learned that through positivity, love, God and hard work there is ABSOLUTELY nothing that we cannot do ! If you can imagine it then you can achieve it, like Henry Ford said; "whether you think you can do it or not, you are right". 

We create our own destinies, through our thoughts and our actions we create our future. So never stop dreaming and never stop loving and let go of judgment and inhibitions ! Let all that you do be done with love and passion or not at all. 

I also have learned through the soul searching that I have been doing since I can remember (I've always felt a connection to God, ever since I have memories He has always been present). I learned that We dont have a soul WE ARE A SOUL, we have a body. We are spiritual beings having a human experience and this experience is what WE make it, WE create our experience so WE might as well make it a positive loving one !

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, please comment with thoughts, questions, feedback anything.

thanks for reading :)

PS. sorry for the long post, I can go of on a tangent I love to write/talk.


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