Honey and Banana Facial Mask

Hello loves, sorry I havent blogged any outfit posts this week I havent had a chance to shoot :( BUT i did try this amazing facial mask last night and I had to share with you guys because it left my skin feeling super smooth, hydrated, and it helped with a few blemishes I had :)

What you need 

1. 1 table spoon Honey

2. 1 quarter to half a pipped Banana

3.  half a Lime or Lemon

What to do

1. Mix all the ingredients until you get it to be a paste, if it isnt pasty enough add more banana.
2. wash your face with a mild soap and water
3. apply mixture to clean face
4. leave in for 15-30 or until it is dry
5. rinse and enjoy beautiful moisturized skin


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