Paisley Pants by Nathalia JMag

Hey loves ! so since I made these pants I wanted to make this post a little personal. So in my blog in general I've tried to only make it about my outfits and such, but on my social media outlets like facebook and twitter I tend to be really opinionated and thats because that's my personality. I try not to make my blog about opinions or anything like that just because I dont want to offend any of my followers, but I've decided to give you guys a little insight into myself in each post from now on.

With that said; I want to talk about myself a little more than usual in this post !

so I go to school for Fashion Design I'm currently a second semester Junior. I love learning and specially about my passion which is fashion. I really love designing.

I'm also married and my child is my dog Leah. I love my husband and my dog more than anything in my life.

I'm a really happy and optimistic person I love life and I believe in living a peaceful and loving life. When it comes to negativity i have zero tolerance for it as well as stupidity.

I have a deep connection with God and I tend to be a very spiritual person. I guess you cant see these things about me from seeing my outfit detail posts but I want you guys to know who I am as a person as well (not that you care but), I'm an honest and transparent person so I dont mind ya'll seeing who I really am. hopefully with each new post you'll get to know me better :)

::::: Outfit details ::::::

Pants: By me (Nathalia JMag)
Bralette: Forever 21
Sunglasses: Forever 21
Rings: Charlotte Russe 


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