Maxi Dress and Denim Jacket

Hello loves!! It's been so cold for so long here in Massachusetts and I just want spring !!!!!! So for this post I wanted to wear something a little springy, I was freezing in this outfit but I thought maybe if i looked like spring I could feel like spring. -___- I was wrong, although it was sunny the high was 34 degrees Fahrenheit .. YEAH freezing!! A "warm" (55 degrees Fahrenheit) day is coming this week so hopefully I will be shooting some more springy outfits :D

:::: Outfit details ::::

Maxi Dress: Urban Outfitters
Booties: Blowfish (Burlington Coat Factory, I paid 16.99 :O )
Denim Jacket: ZARA
Plaid Shirt: Forever 21
Hat: Bakersshoes
Sunglasses: ZARA
Satchel: ALDO
Necklace: NYC flea market 

Thanks for reading :) :*


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