Staying Warm in Winter Wonderland

Just because its cold does not mean you have to leave your house looking like the Michelin man !! In the cold winter days to stay warm but still look stylish what I do is LAYER, LAYER, LAYER. When its reallyyy cold like today I will usually wear five to six layers, it sounds like a lot but when they're thin layers it adds up to being warm and you dont end up looking bulky. 

For this outfit I paired my favorite faux leather pants with a sweater, a leather jacket, a faux fur vest a scarf and gloves, I was wearing a beanie but I took the pictures without it because I wanted to show you guys my new haircut !!! 

Sweater: ZARA
Leather jacket: ZARA
Necklace: ZARA
Sunglasses: ZARA
Scarf: Urban Outfitters 
Boots: Zigi Soho (DSW)
Faux fur vest: Vera Wang (Kohls)
Gloves: I dont remember but I've seen similar ones at TJMAXX, lord and taylor etc
Pants: Macy's but you can find similar ones at stores like ZARA, Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, Love Culture, Lord and Taylor, Nordstrom, Marshalls, TJMAXX etc. Where you go depends on how much you want to spend 


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