Looking Back at 2013

Since its a new year I wanted to make a post reflecting on 2013 and since my blog is a fashion blog I will also be posting my favorite blogged outfits of 2013. 

First I want to begin by thanking all my readers, thanks for reading and following my blog :). 

What I learned in 2013

I did a lot of growing and learning in 2013, I may not have accomplished as much as I hoped for but I sure did learn a lot and I'm going into 2014 a wiser person and with some ammunition gained from 2013.

My number one lesson I learned in 2013 is that time is precious, and it goes by fast ! I learned that time spent dwelling on things you cant change, time spent with people who dont make you happy, and time spent at a job you hate is all time lost, it is time you will never get back. Basically just any time spent doing things you dont love is time wasted that you will never be able to get back.

2013 taught me that not every friendship is salvageable and thats okay because people come in and out of our lives for a reason and when they serve their purpose God removes them from our lives to make space for other people who will come in and teach you and change you like those other people did. 

in 2013 I also learned that everything you do counts, whether its a tiny little step, anything and everything you do towards achieving a goal counts and gets you closer to that goal. Even if its a small step, a small step is better than no steps at all.

In 2013 I learned the power of positivity, although being positive is tough when you're not doing well, positivity may be the only thing that will take you out of your rut and help you do well. Positivity is not merely a trait , it is a way of life. Living your life with a positive outlook will turn things around for you and help you get closer to the things you love. 

In 2013 I learned the power of dreaming and following your passions. Although I'm only 21 I have realized that one must live life following ones passions, a life spent seeking a job or a career because of how much money you might make or because your parents thought you shall follow that path is a life wasted. You must seek what you love and do what you love and prosperity shall follow. 

In fitness 2013 taught me that being fit is a lifestyle and taking "breaks" is like hitting the rewind button on your progress. You have set goals and accomplish them and get to working out when you say you will. To be fit and healthy you have to eat right as much as you can, sometimes its hard when youre on the go but many places even fast food places offer healthy alternatives.

In 2013 I learned that helping others is the exact equivalent of helping yourself because in life you get what you give. You might not be getting the exact same thing you give but if your giving positivity, positivity shall come your way and if you're giving or desiring negativity then thats what you will get in return. Life and the Universe is like a mirror, you get dealt what you give. 

My favorite 2013 outfits timeline 

Thanks for reading :) 

So what did you take into 2014 with you from 2013? Let me know in the comments !


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