wearing Forever 21 kimono and my pink rose flower child crown

So I was dying to get this kimono because I love Kimonos and when I saw it on the forever 21 blog I was like "gotta have!" so i went out and bought it. Now I was thinking about styling it in a completely different way with high waisted denim shorts and a very cropped top but then I was browsing through some of my fave fashion bloggers instagrams and I noticed that most of them styled this kimono the same way I initially thought about styling so I decided to do something a little different and pair it with this amazing dropped flare skirt that I found at ZARA for only $20 ! I will be making another outfit post styling this Kimono in the more "traditional way" but hey what I love about fashion is breaking the rules! Btw I made this flower crown and my website is going to be going live very soon so stay tuned I will do a blogpost on my website and add a link to it on my blog soon :) 

thanks for reading
now here are the 
:::outfit details:::

Kimono: Forever 21
Flower child pink rose crown: By me (visit my shop link is at the top click "SHOP")
Skirt: ZARA
Crop top: Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Zigi Soho 


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