Get the most out of your wardrobe

Okay so lately a lot of my followers tell me that my blog makes them want to go shopping and that defeats the purpose of my blog ! I want my blog to be different than other fashion blogs I want to inspire your style not make you think you have to go shopping! 

with that said let me now tell you guys how I get the most out of my clothes. 

the first thing in getting the most out of your wardrobe is cleaning out your closet and taking things that are out of season out and putting them away for the next season. 


to clean out your closet, 

Take any clothes that you have not worn in the past 6 months out and evaluate them on whether they're still worthy of being a part of your wardrobe.

clothes are clothes, they're not precious things we should hold on to because they tear and go out of style and so on therefore do not keep clothes just because you feel bad to throw it out, keep it if you know you will wear it ! 

(also donate any unworthy clothing) someones trash could be someone elses treasure !

the second thing is getting organized, organization is key in getting the most out. 

So organize your closet. either color coordinate or organize it by long sleeve short sleeve, outer wear, jeans etc. 

the way I organize my closet is by function. So all my dresses are in one rack, color coordinated. All my blouses are on another rack, color coordinated. All my jeans are on one side, all of my shorts and skirts are on another rack. Everything is color coordinated.

Another thing that helps a lot in getting the most out of your wardrobe is having everything visible. How many times have you been digging through a drawer and you find something that you cannot believe you forgot you had. Therefore put everything where you can see it. If space is a problem use bins and store related items together so like blouses with blouses, scarves with scarves, bottoms with bottoms, so you know where to look when creating an outfit. 

I hope this helped comment with question.

thanks for readings babes. 


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